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Cures For Paralysis, Diabetes And Blindness Hindered By Patents | Techdirt

/rant on

OK, it seems to me that the vast majority of people on the planet, or at least, the “thinking” people in this country understand the basic issue with the Patent System here in the U.S.  In short, it’s broken.

For those of you that don’t, the basic problem is that it seems the US Patent Office is staffed by a bunch of mindless monkeys that insist on handing out patients as if they were candy at a Shriner’s parade.  

Things that 10 years ago would have been considered silly to even consider patenting, are now cleared on a routine basis.

Example; the bit in the linked article that states a patent for, “using stem cells to reverse diabetes.”  Not “how” you do it, just a blanket patent on the “idea”.  

OK, now I realize that I’m probably oversimplifying this whole thing (or at least that example), but really.  Based on the seeming criteria here, I could patent a process “for eliciting overly large burps by combining diet coke, mentos, and oxygen.”  

Really.  That’s what it’s come to.

I speak of this here because the tech industry is one of the worst for trying (and often succeeding) in patenting vague, general and overly-simple ideas.  

What’s happened to patenting an invention?  Something you’ve actually built and not just thought up.

Yes, I know there is money to be made. Yes, I know there are concepts to protect.  But seriously folks.

Until the Patent Office realizes the fundamental issue and fixes the problem, patents will continue to be an obstacle to invention rather than a true protection for it.

OK…that’s all.

/rant off

Now excuse me, I need to find my mentos and diet coke.

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