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Medical Smartphones [part of HCPLive]: Will physicians “prescribe” medical apps for patients?

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OK…so I read this before I had all my coffee this morning, but it still strikes me as a little on the strange side.

What the article basically says is that much as docs currently have specific drugs they use for certain conditions (largely based on personal preference) it is possible that soon they will have the same situation developing for medical apps. Different companies with different apps, vying for doctors to “prescribe” their apps.


I can just see it coming.

Big Pharma already spends billions of dollars on their pharmacy sales forces.  These people don’t really “sell” so much as they are glorified PR people.  

So is this what’s coming for the tech sector and companies making medical apps?  Are we going to see yet another legion of PR folks in suits wanting 10 minutes of a physician’s time so they can pitch their app.

I hope not.

As someone who works in the health care sector, doctors have enough demands on their time without adding something as openly silly as this.  

While I applaud innovation and new ideas, I hope the tech sector will find a better way to manage this.

There are a lot of talks going on right now within the FDA about regulating medical apps as medical devices.  What should be regulated?  To what level?  

Parallel to those talks, there needs to be a serious effort among the Health IT practitioners (not the developers) to find a way to shield our docs against this sort of onslaught.

You’re going to hear me advocate for this more and more, but Health IT departments/groups/organizations need to have specific areas devoted to new innovations and research.  They need to be a smaller group tasked with seeking out new technology, testing it and arranging small pilots.

Call it tech incubation. Call it tech research.  Call it the office of the CTRO (chief technology research officer).  Call it what ever.  The waves of new stuff coming are going to be Tsunami-sized, and there needs to be some way to manage it.

OK…I feel better. I think I’ll go shovel some snow.

/rant off

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