Apps I can’t live without – River of News

If you’re like me, you’re a news junkie. OK, well, let’s hope you’re not like me for other reasons.

But if you’re a news junkie you probably have an RSS/feed reader that you use to try and tame all the different feeds out there that you either lurk or participate in on a daily basis.

For me, it’s always been Google reader.  It’s great, but not the most visual and not the best for organization.

Enter River of News.

I found this app a while back and it’s rapidly become my app of choice for reading my feeds.  

It’s got a great interface, integrates seamlessly with my Google account and provides some very simple and yet effective organization.

I find that it’s a great place to go back to for longer reads and other articles I might not have time to read in a hurry.

The app is for iPad only (at this point) and sells for $3.99.  If you’re looking for a way to tame your feeds and news threads, I highly recommend this one.

River of News – RSS Google Reader for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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