Thank you God…

Groupon axes controversial ad campaign –

/rant on

I’m not easily offended.  

No, really. I’m not.  It takes a lot to offend me.  Case in point. I lived in Kansas for years, and the whole “no teaching evolution” thing only annoyed me.  It never offended me.  

However, these ads really made me uncomfortable.

I saw the first one during the Super Bowl, and wow.  Instant offense.

It was the “Tibet” ad, and it was really insensitive.  There are certain lines you just don’t cross.  Making fun of the plight of Tibet to sell a web site?  Yeah.  Offense meter = bright red.

Wonder if GroupOn can get their money back?  

Or maybe they should go in with a bunch of other companies, get a real ad agency, and see if they can get a big group discount.

/rant off

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