How do you keep track?

Something struck me today as I was reading the daily tech threads and got me thinking.

There are about a bazillion andriod phones out there.  OK…well not quite a bazillion, but more than a monkey can shake a stick at. (That’s a lot if you aren’t up on your monkey trends)

How on earth do you keep track?

Seriously, if I were in the market for a new phone, and decided I wanted to buy a ‘driod phone, I don’t know where I would start.

Acer? HKC? HTC?  Motorola? Lenovo? LG? Samsung? Sony? 

And then there are the names.  Evolution.  Wildfire. Incredible. Liquid. Joy. Magnum. Nova. Desire. Liberty.

/head spinning in confusion

Is it any wonder Andriod has overtaken just about everyone in the market. They are breeding like rabbits on Viagra!!!

Now, I’m not bashing the OS.  It’s great, and I’m really looking forward to playing with Honeycomb tablets.  But the phones….Holy cripes.

It seems to me that this proliferation of phones and the “new phone every other day” mentality is great to build market share, but maybe not so much for sustainability.

Personally, I’m waiting for the ‘droid “Stupefy” before I think about trading in my iPhone.

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