Things I want to see from the iPad2

As I read through all the different articles on the new iPad 2 and try to sort through the hype and speculation, I’ll offer my personal hopes for the device.  I’ll also offer my thoughts on how likely these are (1 being not a chance in hell, 10 being nearly assured) in my highly informed and professional opinion.  *cough cough*

#1 – Lighter (likelihood 8-9)

I like the device a lot, and when it first came out I was really impressed with the weight of the device.  However, after using it A LOT, it does get a bit heavy.

So my number 1 wish, it that it’s a little lighter.  Doesn’t have to be a lot, just some.

#2 – Better form factor (likelihood 7)

I don’t mean smaller, I mean a smoother back that is a little easier on the hands, and doesn’t look like a boat on rough seas when you put it on a flat surface.

Something that is a little easier to hold would be great.

#3 – Alternative input methods for the virtual keyboard (likelihood 2)

While I love the software keyboard, I’d love to see the “swipe to type” technology implemented.  Or even the offering from SnapKeys.  

Either of these would rate high on the “Cool AND Useful” meter.

#4 – USB port (likelihood 4-5)

While other things like SD card slots and such are cool (and potentially more likely), I’d love to see some sort of USB connectivity. I think that, long term, people would find this much more useful, and open the device to all sorts of uses by connecting it to external devices.  IMHO

#5 – Espresso maker (likelihood 1)

Since everyone else seems to be throwing out insane ideas about how to make the device better, I’ll throw in my idea.  

Espesso maker.

That’s right, I want it to make really good coffee for me when ever I want it, where ever I am.  I want it to grind up the coffee beans I have from Hawai’i and make the best damn cup of coffee I’ve ever had.  I want a spiritual experience. 

I’ll bet you money that those ‘droid tablets won’t do that. 

/evil grin

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