Good but a little sad


Progress is a good thing.  Especially when it has an opportunity to do something beneficial.  You know, something like eliminate waste, help people, save the planet and so on.

But some times it’s a little sad also.

When I was a kid, I remember clearly each year when the new phone book arrived.  Now, ours wasn’t anything like the phone book in L.A. (I grew up in a tiny town) but that’s not the point.

The point is that each year, when the new phone book arrived, I got the old one to do with as I wished.

Instant fun!!

I did all sorts of things.  Paper air planes, Pirate hats, wrapping paper for imaginary presents to my parents. I built Space Bases. I used the pages for school projects, to draw, to make cut-out snowflakes.   Whatever my imagination could come up with, I had stock material in the old phone book.

Rarely did pages ever go to waste.

So when I read the article below, I have to admit it gave me a bit of a nostalgic twinge.

Eliminating an estimated 1,800 tons of waste paper is a good thing.  That’s a lot.

But I can’t help but think of all the paper airplanes, Pirate Hats, and Space Bases that are going to vanish along with them.


California stops automatic phone book delivery following pressure from Verizon — Engadget.

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