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Cool factor = High


This thing is a really cool idea!

The basic concept is that it’s a ball with 36 cameras embeded into the sphere.  You throw it, it takes a panoramic image, you catch it and download the photo.

Check out the video in the link.

This could give a whole new dimension to family vacation photos.


Panoramic ball camera gives a full 360-view of you nervously throwing it in the air video — Engadget.

A little public service

Here’s my version of a Public Service announcement.

If you are one of the droves of people trading in your old iPhone for the new 4S.  Be sure you erase all the data from it.



Here’s how.

Daily Tip: How to erase all personal data from your old iPhone before upgrading to the iPhone 4S | TiPb.

Fare thee well…



A cartoon look at “behind the scenes” at today’s Apple iPhone event.

Love the bit about Gizmodo.