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iPad vs. iPod touch vs. Kindle Fire

Below is a pretty good article as a comparison.

We have a couple Kindle Fire’s at work, and I’ll post more once I’ve really played with one.

However, my first impression of the Kindle Fire is it’s HEAVY!  Really heavy for it’s size.  It’s close to my iPad 2 in weight.  /frowny face

More to come.

iPad vs. iPod touch vs. Kindle Fire: Which should you get? | TiPb.



Check out the article and the link.

HP chairman photographed using MacBook Air | Nanotech – The Circuits Blog – CNET News.

A web page is NOT a mobile app, or is it?

I’ve had a number of conversations with people lately talking about the “native” app vs. “web” app issue.

Most recently, with one of the vendors here at my organization.  We were talking about the future of the platform we use from the vendor and their mobile strategy.  I cringed when they finally got around to telling us that, yes, their “mobile” app is nothing more than web pages with CSS specific markup for mobile devices.

Read. My. Lips.

That’s not a mobile app!

That’s a web-page application.  There’s a huge difference.

While I could expound a lot of different reasons why this is, and why I think it’s a bad idea to bet your corporate farm on this strategy, it’s a completely different post.

However, I did run across this article this morning.  It’s worth a read.

HTML5 will kill mobile apps. No, it wont | Rafes Radar – CNET News.

Pay particular attention to the 8th paragraph.  It’s got a great nugget of insight into why I think that ultimately, people will realize that web apps are just a lazy way of doing things.


The lesson here??

Content is King!  This is an age-old lesson they drilled into us from day one in Journalism School.

Content rules.  This is where Apple, Amazon, and B&N will be killers.

AppleInsider | Major PC makers plan to concede tablet market to Apple, Amazon in 2012.

Amazing artist/performance

Steve Jobs tribute painting made in real time | TiPb.

Forget the subject matter.  This is worth watching just to see the guy perform.

Rumor Mill

iPad Mini and 4-inch iPhone 5 rumors surfacing again | TiPb.

And the rumor mill is back in full swing.  You knew it would be.  You knew it wouldn’t stay quiet.  You knew it was lurking around the corner, like a flesh-crazed zombie.

OK…well…maybe not like that.


8 Lines That Would Have Ended Star Wars Really… | Bit Rebels.

I just about fell over laughing when my wife showed this to me.

For the Star Wars geeks out there.

Adobe to cancel mobile Flash Player?

Rumor: Adobe to cancel mobile Flash Player, go all in on Air and HTML 5 | TiPb.

Seems like not too long ago Adobe was touting Flash as the best thing to happen to mobile devices and railing against Apple for not drinking the kool aid and instead looking to this upstart HTML 5.

How times have changed.