A web page is NOT a mobile app, or is it?

I’ve had a number of conversations with people lately talking about the “native” app vs. “web” app issue.

Most recently, with one of the vendors here at my organization.  We were talking about the future of the platform we use from the vendor and their mobile strategy.  I cringed when they finally got around to telling us that, yes, their “mobile” app is nothing more than web pages with CSS specific markup for mobile devices.

Read. My. Lips.

That’s not a mobile app!

That’s a web-page application.  There’s a huge difference.

While I could expound a lot of different reasons why this is, and why I think it’s a bad idea to bet your corporate farm on this strategy, it’s a completely different post.

However, I did run across this article this morning.  It’s worth a read.

HTML5 will kill mobile apps. No, it wont | Rafes Radar – CNET News.

Pay particular attention to the 8th paragraph.  It’s got a great nugget of insight into why I think that ultimately, people will realize that web apps are just a lazy way of doing things.


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