Insert ginormous WTF!

TSA Agent in Vegas Confiscates Threatening Cupcake.

While not really having anything to do with technology this rates a post based purely on the WTF factor. Plus I like the picture.

It seems a TSA agent (you know, the guardians of safety and purity disguised as groping and bad manners) decided that the frosting on a woman’s cupcake that she had purchased, and intended on eating on the plane, was a security risk.

So the suspicious baked good was confiscated.



A cupcake.

Just so I get this straight.

On top  of groping us. Feeling up our children. Annoying us and generally harassing us while still letting the shoe bomber and underwear bomber slip past undetected, the TSA has decided they need to protect us against baked goods.

Sorry all, but I’ma having a hard time keeping a straight face here.

Sounds more to me like a TSA agent got hungry and decided to confiscate a snack. “In the name of national security”.

/shaking head

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