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A zen goal for the Techno-world.

Eat well.

Think about mindful eating; what do you picture?  Portion control, healthy foods, and self-satisfaction.  For me, non-mindful eating evokes an image of a bag of chips or a box of donuts.  Eat things with natural ingredients, preferably things you make yourself.  Not only will your health improve; your mindfulness will be kept in check by your conscious diet habits.  Youll also learn how to cook some good stuff.

via the daily zen: 5 Goals for Conscious Living.

Another one?!?

Seems there is yet another potential Malware attack out there targeting Android users?

Millions Of Android Users Potentially Hit By New Malware Attack | Redmond Pie.

Really? Are we surprised?

/sarcastic_shocked_expression = on

Now, I freely admit I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboy. If you know me, that’s no surprise.  But I do like the Android platform as well.  There are a lot of things it does far better than iOS. I think Android is trying to address quite a few very real UI issues where iOS seems to be lacking.

Really!  It’s true.

But one thing it absolutely, positively doesn’t do better, is protect its users AND itself from Malware.

Really! It’s true.

By its very nature, the “open” model of Android and the Android Marketplace are an open door to this sort of nastiness.  Wide. Open.

Yes, Apple is somewhat draconian in its policies for submitting to the App Store.

Yes, Apple controls the iOS platform like an over-protective parent.

Yes, Apple comes across as arrogant.

But…you know what?  If you follow the rules and don’t jailbreak your device, they don’t have this sort of crap floating around.

However, all this doesn’t really bother me. It is what it is.

What does bother me is that I continue to go into meetings where the Android users are constantly bashing iOS as being “unsecure”, “weak”, “not enterprise ready” and a “security risk for enterprise data”.

Oh really?

Physician, heal thyself!

Honestly, I don’t want to hear it anymore.


A great and very Zen idea

Have a lot of apps on your phone or tablet?

Well, try this.  Organize them by what they do and not by what they are.

It really does make a difference.

The article below recommends organizing them by an approperiate verb.

I keep my iPad as uncluttered as my desk (and I’m really obsessive about keeping my desk clean and organized) so this has limited use to me.

But if you are an App Pack Rat, this could be a huge help.

Organize iOS Apps by Actions Instead of Categories.

The evolution of the IT worker

OK…take this in tone in which it’s meant.

Read, Funny.  HAHA.  LOL.

Main difference here is I seriously doubt most of use are that skinny.


So real, it’s scary!!

Just remember to breathe.

We’ve all be there.  LOL

If I Were the new RIM CEO

Saw this last night and just about rolled out of bed laughing.

Unfortunately it’s also dead on accurate of what I’d do and what NEEDS to happen.

Credit to the Brooks Review for this.


  1. Call a meeting of all top executives
  2. Pull out my iPhone 4S and rest it gently on the table in front of me.
  3. Wait for dramatic effect
  4. Fire anyone not patient enough to wait for me to speak first.
  5. Tell everyone left in the room that they have 3 months to bring me a working prototype that makes me want to use it over my iPhone.
  6. Fire anyone that asks, “How?”.
  7. With everyone gone, hire a new executive team.

If I Were CEO — The Brooks Review.

HOLY “iDesk” Batman!!!

Beware.  If you are in any way an Apple fan, the following image may cause a spontaneous nerdgasim.

You’ve been warned.

It’s the iDesk!

Granted, this is just a concept.  Nothing real behind it and there are no rumors that I can find that Apple is actually working on something like this.

But Wow! What a game changer if it was.  It’s gorgeous (as a former designer I’m a sucker for beautiful and simple design), and the functionality is really intriguing.

I can only hope that Mr. Ive and his cadre of superdesigners are looking at this and (if they haven’t already) are thinking, “That’s really freaking cool!!”.


Check out the link for details and thoughts from the original article.

What if Apple had come to market with a Microsoft Surface-style multitouch table? | iMore.