I have a confession to make.

I’m a keyboard snob.

It’s true. I’m very, very picky when it comes to the keyboard I’ll use. I know what I like and nothing else will do.

I’ve tried all the “normal” keyboards and after so many years of using my “keyboard of awesomeness”, I get very cranky when I have to use anything else.

So what keyboard do I use, well, I hate to say it but the Microsoft Ergonomic Natural Keyboard 4000.


I love the shape of it and I really can’t type on a standard keyboard anymore. It just doesn’t feel right and I can’t force my hands into what I consider and awkward position.

Mrs. Technocrat thinks I’m insane. In fact, most people look at my keyboard and utter the same old tired question. “How on earth do you type on that?”

Well, I feel the same way about normal keyboards.

So what’s the problem? It’s pretty simple…

I use a Mac.

Yeah…see the problem? Mac computer…Microsoft (PC) keyboard. It’s like some sort of inter-species marriage.

While it works pretty well, it bugs me on a couple fronts.

#1 – There is no “apple” key. Apple keyboards have an extra function key on the bottom row; four to be exact. They are: function, control, option, and command. My Microsoft keyboard is really meant for a PC. It has three keys on that row. CTRL, Windows (the “start” key) and ALT.

So they don’t really match up well with the Mac.

The “command” key on the mac, is the equivalent of the CTRL key on the PC. However, do they map that way naturally? Oh hell no! The Mac’s command key seems to always map to the “windows” key. It’s awkward and really stinks.

However, I could probably deal with all this if it weren’t for point #2.

#2 – The keyboard is ugly!!! Yes, ugly. It really clashes with my nice 27” iMac, magic mouse and magic touchpad. Not to mention my new Mobee wireless charging station for my mouse (that’s another blog post).

It’s black, plastic, and all Darth Vader”ish”. In short, it throws off my whole desktop Zen Thing.

I’ve got my nice Mac stuff, my bamboo plants, my wood carvings, and Darth Keyboard. Ewww.

It’s like a big blob of ugly in my otherwise Zen world.

The main advantage to this keyboard isn’t just the split keyboard. It’s the split keyboard, the raised angle, the wrist pads, the action of they keys and they one-piece spacebar.

I have to give Microsoft, it’s a well designed keyboard.

It’s just ugly as a one-eyed frog.

I’ve looked and looked and I can not for the life of me find anything specifically for the Mac that is even close the ergonomic functionally of this keyboard. I don’t get that.

So my plea here is this…

Please Mr. Ive (or some other vendor), build us a truly ergonomic keyboard for the Mac that “looks” like it belongs with the Mac.

Pretty please?

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