HOLY “iDesk” Batman!!!

Beware.  If you are in any way an Apple fan, the following image may cause a spontaneous nerdgasim.

You’ve been warned.

It’s the iDesk!

Granted, this is just a concept.  Nothing real behind it and there are no rumors that I can find that Apple is actually working on something like this.

But Wow! What a game changer if it was.  It’s gorgeous (as a former designer I’m a sucker for beautiful and simple design), and the functionality is really intriguing.

I can only hope that Mr. Ive and his cadre of superdesigners are looking at this and (if they haven’t already) are thinking, “That’s really freaking cool!!”.


Check out the link for details and thoughts from the original article.

What if Apple had come to market with a Microsoft Surface-style multitouch table? | iMore.

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