Another one?!?

Seems there is yet another potential Malware attack out there targeting Android users?

Millions Of Android Users Potentially Hit By New Malware Attack | Redmond Pie.

Really? Are we surprised?

/sarcastic_shocked_expression = on

Now, I freely admit I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboy. If you know me, that’s no surprise.  But I do like the Android platform as well.  There are a lot of things it does far better than iOS. I think Android is trying to address quite a few very real UI issues where iOS seems to be lacking.

Really!  It’s true.

But one thing it absolutely, positively doesn’t do better, is protect its users AND itself from Malware.

Really! It’s true.

By its very nature, the “open” model of Android and the Android Marketplace are an open door to this sort of nastiness.  Wide. Open.

Yes, Apple is somewhat draconian in its policies for submitting to the App Store.

Yes, Apple controls the iOS platform like an over-protective parent.

Yes, Apple comes across as arrogant.

But…you know what?  If you follow the rules and don’t jailbreak your device, they don’t have this sort of crap floating around.

However, all this doesn’t really bother me. It is what it is.

What does bother me is that I continue to go into meetings where the Android users are constantly bashing iOS as being “unsecure”, “weak”, “not enterprise ready” and a “security risk for enterprise data”.

Oh really?

Physician, heal thyself!

Honestly, I don’t want to hear it anymore.


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