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Thought for the day

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.” -Dorothy Neddermeyer

Seriously!?!?!? WTF?

It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words.


But I’m not really even sure what to say/think about this.

Check out this story from CNET: QR-coded condoms let you share the site of your trist.


It’s like Foursquare for Sex!

Yes. It even has it’s own app!


Why do we need this?

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Anxiety fodder

If you sleep just a little too well at night…take a few minutes and watch this Ted Talk.

#1 – It’s worth the time.

#2 – It will scare the hell out of you.

#3 – It should!

Avi Rubin: All your devices can be hacked | Video on

That’s not a healthy choice fatso!

So in the world of ever-chaining technology, finding a bit of tech that will actually make life easier is always a welcome moment.

Well, Whole Foods (also known as Whole Paycheck in our family) has a nifty idea for you.

(spoiler alert:  this won’t necessarily make your life easier)

Whole Foods sci-fi shopping cart stalks you as you shop | Crave – CNET.


Yes, it’s a Kinect-enabled shopping cart.

Watch the video.  It’s hilarious.  The thing follows you around the store (sort of like a creepy, drunken R2-D2), scans the items you put in, and talks to you when you put something in the cart that “doesn’t jibe with your dietary needs”.

/skeptical_face = on

Here are my two concerns with this:

#1 – In-store traffic jams. Right now in most Whole Food stores, the aisles are so narrow you can barely walk down them without getting intimate with the person walking the other way.  How the hell are you going to manage the store with 50 autonomous shopping carts following people as the wander around the store?  They are going to need to install cross walks and stop lights on at the end of each aisle. (actually that’s not a bad idea for the idiot humans).

#2- I’m not sure I want my shopping cart telling the whole world, in its annoying Kinect voice, that I need to buy the low-calorie meals because I’m trying to drop a few pounds.  That’s between me and my lunch.

And what if I buy the wrong brand of cat food for my family’s very picky and digestionally (is that a word?) challenged felines?

Kinect voice: “Don’t forget.  Your cats’ will shit on the floor if you buy that cheap food.  You need to buy the expensive stuff.”


However, as a gluten-free person, I like the idea of the cart being able to locate stuff for me in the store.  That could be really handy.

Here’s a suggestion that could really be a draw for the chain: Shopping Cart Games!!!

Implement an Augmented-Reality game on the carts and you can then play “tag” with other people’s carts.  Or maybe “Cart Wars”.  See that annoying person that keeps cutting you off in the aisle?  Hehe…arm the photon torpedoes!

Heck…make it a dating game.  Have the carts with similar items and purchasing patters just break off and wander over to each other. They can nuzzle each other and encourage their owners to do the same.

Kinect voice: “Hey, you’ve been single for way too long and I’m getting concerned about you.  That red head over there likes the same brand of  cheap beer you keep buying.  Let’s go talk to her!!”  (and off goes the cart)

Shopping for cheese and beer will never be the same.

Macro Moday

I love photography.  Always have.

In fact in another life, I was a professional photographer. I don’t have a lot of time for it anymore and I still miss it.

However I read a great article today on “macro photography for the iPhone” and it sort of inspired me.

So, I thought I’d start a little project.  Each Monday, I’ll post up one macro-style photo of my desk/office/work-related something.  All the photos will be shot with my iPhone 4s.

Here’s the first one.  We’ll see how this goes.  Should be an interesting experiment.


My wife found this today.

Killing Meh! LOL

The “next” web

The idea of “what’s next?” is one that permeates the technology industry.

We (those of us in the trenches) tend to be obsess with the next gadget. The next application. The next platform.

We watch. We obsess over rumors. We postulate, we tweet, and we blog about it.

But what’s next for the most fundamental piece of technology to our industry?

“Wait!!”, you say. What are you talking about? What piece of technology are you so vaguely referring to?

It’s not the iPad. It’s not Window 8. It’s nothing so specific.

It’s the Internet itself.

We’ve moved past Web 2.0 and any tech guru worth his/her salt is already looking to Web 3.0.

It’s going to be huge paradigm shift and we all know it. We see glimpses of it but getting our heads around the whole picture is tough.

I’ve found a great blog that does just that. It’s attempting to tackle the “What’s next” question for the Web.

The two guys writing it have a great take on things. While I don’t agree with everything they say, I find the ideas and theories really interesting and insightful.

So check out Roger and Mike’s Hypernet Blog.

It’s worth a read and the article on the HyperWeb is right at the top.

I’ll be bookmarking this blog and looking forward to part 2.

The gap is closing

Apple (and others) are continuing to close the gap and the differences between your mobile device and your “desktop” device.

Speculation has been (for a while) that Apple seems to see iOS as the way of the future.  With the announcement of OS X 10.8, dubbed “Mountain Lion”, they are showing that’s exactly where they are going.

As some point, one has to wonder, what is the “desktop” going to evolve into?

I suspect those of us that have iPads or ultra books already have the future in our hands.

Friday Fun

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Minecraft.  Lego version!

Even comes with a lego creeper!

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Finding focus (or at least a good list)

So I’ll admit it.

I’m a bit of a GTD-App junkie.

There. I’ve said it.

I’m a huge fan of the whole David Allen, GTD “thing”, and I’m on a seemingly ongoing quest to find the perfect GTD app.

My main workhorse is OmniFocus. I love it for work. It does everything I need it to and more. Reminders, projects, contexts, areas, etc. It’s great.

The one problem I have is this; I’m also a bit of a design snob.

While OmniFocus is wonderful in the functionality area, in the design and UI area….eh…not so much. It’s a little, well, basic.

But, I’m not giving it up anytime soon.

However, for my personal life I’m still looking for the perfect tool.

Today I decided to give a new app that has been getting a lot of buzz. It’s called Clear.


Right out of the box I have to say, design-wise, it’s gorgeous. The UI is really well done and it’s intuitive as heck. It makes use of gestures like no other GTD app I’ve seen and it’s actually kind of fun to use. You basically swipe, pinch, drag and poke your way to organizational bliss. Or at least that’s the idea.

Now, one thing. Its not really a GTD app. It’s more of just a List app. There’s a lot that it doesn’t do that I can see already. Like reminders.

But oh the potential it has!!!

/dreamy_face = on

One of my biggest concerns about “real” GTD apps on my phone (and even my iPad to some extent) is that they are a little clunky to use and the screens get crowded. They try to do too much.

Not so with Clear. The interface is one of the best I’ve seen and the gestures make using it a breeze.

So, I’m going to play with it some more and really see what it can do. But for now, I’m impressed.

In a perfect world. OmniFocus would take a hint from the Clear designers and find a better way to make OmniFocus work and present it’s info.

Clear, on the other had, needs (from first glance) a lot more features before it’s really read to tackle anything more than just simple lists.

We’ll see what happens.

You can find Clear in the App Store here.

You can find OmniFocus here.