Is iOS the Future of the Mac?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of computing in general.

What will the next generation of computers be?  What will the OS look like?

Well, I think we are getting glimpses of the futre every time we use our iPads or Xoom tablets.

It’s all going to look at lot like iOS or Andriod.

The folks over at Mac.Appstorm have writen a fantastic article about the futire of iOS and the Mac.  Personally I think that most of the points made (while targeted to the Apple ecosystem) apply to both Mac and Andriod Platforms.  Many for the same reasons.

Take a bit and check it out.

Is iOS the Future of the Mac? | Mac.AppStorm.

The fundamental point is that the clean, simple and easy-to-use mobile OS platforms are going to creep into the every-day compting world.  You are already seeing iOS features creep into Snow Leopard.

How long until we see Android stuff creeping into laptops and desktops?  My guess is not long.

Especially of Chrome OS (or what ever replaces it) really ever gets going strong.


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