Go ahead…make my day!

/giddygeek_mode = on

OK…this pretty much tops the charts in the “cool-as-hell” category!

iPhone/iPod enabled Laser Tag guns.

Buy a gun, slap your device into the holder and suddenly you’ve got a HUD reminiscent of Halo or MW3.

And while that alone is cool, you can create multi-player games with up to 23 people!! Add to that a 250 ft range, and the generally cool concept of Augmented Reality (I love my Parrot AR. Drone!!) and these are going to be so cool!!

I can see office nerf wars giving way to these things


Check out the link for more info.

Now…where do I stand in line for these?

Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag guns use your iPhone or iPod touch for augmented reality and heads up display | iMore.

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