Doing a Happy Dance!

OK…after all that yesterday.

After all the thinking and pondering.

After all the planning about being without a desktop computer.

After hearing the tech-store person tell me 5 business days to get my computer back…

… Murphy strikes!

I got it back yesterday afternoon.

Me = Happy!


Yes, I know I’m shallow, but it’s good to have it back.

The iPad experiment, while only lasting one day, was pretty successful.

The only thing that really gave me fits was printing. (Note to self: mess with that more!)

I think that with a little more planning and work, it would actually be doable. Not sure about a lot of the PM stuff I do, but I’m optimistic.

The amazing thing is that it only took me about 45 minutes to restore the machine to the way it was. I keep Time Machine running and the restore worked great. Also, probably due in part to the fact I keep just about EVERYTHING in the cloud in one form or another.

So, Back in business. Blogging = much easier.

Now I have to run to a meeting. 😦

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