Good writing and good ideas are never pointless

There is so much unfiltered crap out on the Internet today, that it is a real pleasure to find a well-written article that demonstrates a solid thought process, some actual information and real insight to back it up.

The following is one of those. I highly suggest you read it.

How to avoid sounding dumb when you write about Apple | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

If you look beyond the idea of “writing about Apple”, there is actually a lot of Zen wisdom in this article. Ideas like, think before you speak, patience,  non attachment and mindfulness abound in little zen-like nuggets.

But most important is the idea that when you write something, if you want people to take you seriously, then you need to take your emotions and fan-like attitudes out of the equation. (Crap I guess I’m screwed on that point!!)

Too many people in the tech industry are far to quick to judge.  They predict the next trend without really looking at the past.  They postulate the next products from Company X without really understanding the company. They rush to be convinced that Company Y is really evil without realizing that people are human and make dumb mistakes (that can and normally are quickly fixed).  And they put their own, small-world views out in front of a world that operated on a global scale.

So, for me, I’m going to bookmark this article and reread it on a regular basis.  Not just for my writings about Apple, but to try and be a bit more Zen in what I do in general.

Can’t hurt.

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