The “next” web

The idea of “what’s next?” is one that permeates the technology industry.

We (those of us in the trenches) tend to be obsess with the next gadget. The next application. The next platform.

We watch. We obsess over rumors. We postulate, we tweet, and we blog about it.

But what’s next for the most fundamental piece of technology to our industry?

“Wait!!”, you say. What are you talking about? What piece of technology are you so vaguely referring to?

It’s not the iPad. It’s not Window 8. It’s nothing so specific.

It’s the Internet itself.

We’ve moved past Web 2.0 and any tech guru worth his/her salt is already looking to Web 3.0.

It’s going to be huge paradigm shift and we all know it. We see glimpses of it but getting our heads around the whole picture is tough.

I’ve found a great blog that does just that. It’s attempting to tackle the “What’s next” question for the Web.

The two guys writing it have a great take on things. While I don’t agree with everything they say, I find the ideas and theories really interesting and insightful.

So check out Roger and Mike’s Hypernet Blog.

It’s worth a read and the article on the HyperWeb is right at the top.

I’ll be bookmarking this blog and looking forward to part 2.

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