That’s not a healthy choice fatso!

So in the world of ever-chaining technology, finding a bit of tech that will actually make life easier is always a welcome moment.

Well, Whole Foods (also known as Whole Paycheck in our family) has a nifty idea for you.

(spoiler alert:  this won’t necessarily make your life easier)

Whole Foods sci-fi shopping cart stalks you as you shop | Crave – CNET.


Yes, it’s a Kinect-enabled shopping cart.

Watch the video.  It’s hilarious.  The thing follows you around the store (sort of like a creepy, drunken R2-D2), scans the items you put in, and talks to you when you put something in the cart that “doesn’t jibe with your dietary needs”.

/skeptical_face = on

Here are my two concerns with this:

#1 – In-store traffic jams. Right now in most Whole Food stores, the aisles are so narrow you can barely walk down them without getting intimate with the person walking the other way.  How the hell are you going to manage the store with 50 autonomous shopping carts following people as the wander around the store?  They are going to need to install cross walks and stop lights on at the end of each aisle. (actually that’s not a bad idea for the idiot humans).

#2- I’m not sure I want my shopping cart telling the whole world, in its annoying Kinect voice, that I need to buy the low-calorie meals because I’m trying to drop a few pounds.  That’s between me and my lunch.

And what if I buy the wrong brand of cat food for my family’s very picky and digestionally (is that a word?) challenged felines?

Kinect voice: “Don’t forget.  Your cats’ will shit on the floor if you buy that cheap food.  You need to buy the expensive stuff.”


However, as a gluten-free person, I like the idea of the cart being able to locate stuff for me in the store.  That could be really handy.

Here’s a suggestion that could really be a draw for the chain: Shopping Cart Games!!!

Implement an Augmented-Reality game on the carts and you can then play “tag” with other people’s carts.  Or maybe “Cart Wars”.  See that annoying person that keeps cutting you off in the aisle?  Hehe…arm the photon torpedoes!

Heck…make it a dating game.  Have the carts with similar items and purchasing patters just break off and wander over to each other. They can nuzzle each other and encourage their owners to do the same.

Kinect voice: “Hey, you’ve been single for way too long and I’m getting concerned about you.  That red head over there likes the same brand of  cheap beer you keep buying.  Let’s go talk to her!!”  (and off goes the cart)

Shopping for cheese and beer will never be the same.

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