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That’s a lot of growth

Cisco says Internet will quadruple in four years | Internet & Media – CNET News.

This implies a massive growth in content and not just in mindless duplication of stuff that already exists.

While I realize that it’s possible to just look at connected devices and claim “the internet is going to quadruple”, but where’s the discussion of the content?

Seems lacking.

Just because there is a device, doesn’t mean there is something to look at.

I’d be really curious to see predictions on the growth of the content on the Internet.

The King has fallen…

Looks like Chrome has just overtaken IE as the “most used” browser on the net.


It’s not a terribly accurate way of measuring this, but holy crap this is huge.  Just goes to show how sick the world is of the crappy state of IE as a browser.

Google Chrome Just Beat Out Internet Explorer as the Most Used Browser.

Found on the Interwebz

Interesting bit of possibility

Seems Apple is looking into the idea of allowing multiple “user accounts” on an iPad.  This would be similar to just about every computer on the planet.

Multiple users, each with credentials for sign in, individual home pages and possibly app access.


Check the link for more info.

Apple rumored to be investigating multi-user iPad support | iMore.

/geek_mode = on

I love Nerf guns.  They are a blast and I truly wish I’d been born a bit later just so I could be a kid with them today.

Instead, I play with my own kids’ Nerf guns.  Yes.  I can own that.

I also tend to read the occational Steampunk novel.

So imagine my giddiness when I saw this…

Yes!  That is a Nerf Vulcan turned into a pile of Steampunk goodness!

If you don’t know, the Nerf Vulcan is the “Big Boy” of Nerf guns.  It is a fully automatic, battery powered (6 D-cell batteries), belt-fed and fires something like three darts per second.  It’s a little slice of awesome.

This mod takes it to a new level.

Check out the link for full details on the mod.

Now, where can I buy one?  It would look great in my office.

As steampunk Nerf guns go, the Goliathon is, well, awesome | Crave – CNET.

This guy…

…seriously has too much time on his hands and needs a girlfriend.

So this Berkeley student decided to see how far he could go in automating his dorm room. Let’s just say he as more gadgets in his little cubicle of a dorm room than most small companies have.

I give him points for creativity, but wow.  Boy needs a life.

Check out he video and link to the full story below.

Part of me is a bit jealous we didn’t have stuff like this when I went to college.

Check out this fully automated dorm room. In Berkeley, of course | Technically Incorrect – CNET News.