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Well said sir.


Pretty much sums it all up.

So true…

Question of the day

Why is it that when I search Amazon for a book on, oh, let’s say “Creating Architectures for High-Availability Systems” it insists on ranking books published at least five years ago (or more) higher than books published last year?

Really Amazon. Their might have been a few changes to the technology or concepts in the last half decade.

/face palm

Yup. That’s about right.


Basic skills

It occurred to me today that people should be required to pass a basic intelligence test before they are allowed to use the self-checkout systems at ANY store.

I mean seriously people. Scan, bag. How hard is this?!? It’s easier than brushing your teeth (oh…maybe better not go there).

Apparently far too hard for most people.

Case in point. I was in my preferred grocery mega store today and had a cart full of consumables. Pulled into a line for the self check out behind a woman that appeared to be nearly done.

Oh foolish me.

Despite the fact that he only had maybe 10 things left to scan it took her nearly 20 minutes.

Not making this up. I timed it.

She would attempt to scan each item like the system was about to explode.

Scan an item and step back a half step. Carefully place on the bagging belt. Step back as it engaged. Repeat process.

Careful there lady, you might set off the building’s self destruct system with your mega jar of applesauce.

The ones that either didn’t work or beeped at her scared the bejesus out of her. At one point she was trying to figure out how to scan a bottle of ketchup and it just would work.

I swear she looked like that scanner as about to bite her. I thought she was about to cry.

Don’t even get me stated on the case of bottled water that was too heavy for her.

Now least I seem insensitive I realize those systems are not the most reliable things on the planet. The slightest defect in a barcode can cause them to lock up and the red flashy light to erupt calling for customer assistance. Ok. I get that.

But really, it’s not gonna bite you. Just scan your food and move on.

If you aren’t smart enough to put the bar code up to the little red light don’t use the self-checkout lane.

But fear not oh technology challenged masses. They have a solution for you.

It’s called the Full Service lane.

I hear they will even bag your stuff for you!