Game on!

I’ve been a bad boy!

And now I’m paying for it.

See, I haven’t been bloging as much as I should be. I’ve been a slacker and have been relying on cute (and sometimes appropriate) images, photos and videos to keep up the appearance of blogging.

But truth be told it isn’t the same.

So enter my current situation.

You see, Mrs. Technocrat is a writer. A REAL writer. Not just a wanna be. She is a New York-published author with more than twelve books to her credit. Those are published books, not just written and filed away in a drawer.

So yeah, she’s legit.

Last night she informs me she needs to get back to blogging because she’s been slacking lately (see a patterne here??) and needs some motivation to kick her literary ass.

Mrs. Technocrat: “I need a blogger to do a blog challenge with me. Someone who I can be accountable to and who will motivate me to blog on a regular basis. I’m trying to think of someone I know with a blog who would do this with me but I can’t.”

Me: . . .

Mrs. Technocrat: “What?”

Me: “Really?”

Mrs. Technocrat: “Yeah…really.”

Me: “HELLO!!! I have a blog. I’ll do it with you.”

Mrs. Technocrat: “Oh..well..I was sort of wanting another author.”

Me: /sad face

So after convincing her that I could and would do this with her, thus was born our blog challenge.

Each of us have to blog at least twice a week. It has to be “real” blog entry. Not a photo or video of cats surfing (that would be cool). Length is at least 100 words.

We don’t have any “reward” for the winner, but the loser is the first one to miss the two times a week goal.

I’m gonna kick her ass.

/evil grin

So game on there wife!

/throwing down virtual gauntlet.

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  1. Prepare to lose!

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