The green apps of spring

It’s sunny here in Wisconsin.  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this little fact.

You see, it’s been a LONG winter here. If I’m totally honest, I HATE winter.

In reality it hasn’t really been THAT long. It just feels like it.

We didn’t get serious snow until just before Christmas, so winter has really only been January, February and March.

But oh lord, did we have snow!

The first winter we lived in Wisconsin we got a massive snowstorm as a “Hi! Welcome to Wisconsin Winters” sort of welcome.  It dropped something like 19+ or so inches on us in around 12 hours.  However, that was really “it”.  Some other storms, but nothing earth shattering.  Just cold.  Hey, you live in Wisconsin, you deal with cold.

But this year, we had several big storms and LOTS of little storms. And it was always cold.  In other words it never melted! I think our total snowfall for the years is over 70″!  Yes you read that correctly.

For quite a while we had snowdrifts at the end of our driveway that were significantly taller than me. . . and I’m not exactly short.

But the sun is out and the snow is melting!

/happydance = on

So what does this have to do with technology?  I’ll tell you.


Yes, I’ll clarify that.

See, I love working outside in my yard.  I’m happiest when I’m planting, building, or growing something.

Maybe this comes from growing up on a farm and having a HUGE freaking yard to deal with and lots of plants, and stuff.  Maybe it’s just the complete and thesis of technology. Maybe I just like the peace and quite.

Whatever the reason, I love landscaping and growing stuff

So last year, when we bought our house, it was like crack to me.  It had been years and years since we owned a house or owned one where I cared to actually do any landscaping.

Last year, we knew we couldn’t do much. We’d just moved in, the house needed some work and we needed to do other things first.

But not now.  Now, I’m like a runner at the starting line.  I can’t wait.

So, being the techno-savvy guy I am, and knowing how often my wife and I rarely plan ANYTHING (that’s another story), I decided to actually put together a plan for our backyard.  The front yard is in pretty good shape, but the backyard needs some TLC.  The old guy that owned our house before us (and I do mean old…90+) hadn’t really done much in a long time.  It’s a blank canvas and part of what attracted us to the house.

So anyway, I decide to do a plan and so naturally I head on over to the App store to look for landscaping apps for my iPad.


Was I ever UNDERwhelmed

/set_dissapointment_level = high

I couldn’t find anything that I was looking for with the exception of an app that cost $79.99.  No thanks on that one!

I wasn’t looking for a professional grade design program. Those are all over the place for your computer, but something for my tablet that would let me rough out a design for a flower bed, “plant” some flowers and see roughly what they might look like as I tried to arrange them.

A shopping list for the plants would have been a bonus.

But nope.  Nothing.

Sure there are lots of apps that pretend to be design apps for landscape, but wow, they are just regurgitations of magazine photos and how-to articles.

Bored now!

The others were cheap knock offs of lists and “suggestions” designed to part you with between $.99 and $2.99 depending your level of gullibility.

Very, very disappointing.

So, in the end, I’ll just have to either figure it out on paper (god forbid) or maybe invest in something for my brand new MacBook Air.  (love it BTW, but again, another post)

So here’s the deal.  If anyone reading this knows of a good app for iOS that can do what I’m talking about, comment and let me know.

If not, if you are a developer, you can have the idea.  Free of charge.

Just “gift me” a copy of the app when you have it up and running.



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