The perfect background image

I got a new computer for work a week ago. A nice shiny new MacBook Air, and I absolutely love it.

I’ve been debating the idea of dropping my beloved 27” iMac for something less bulky for quite sometime, but I finally acted on the thought.

I’ve had iPads since they came out and love them, but for how I work (and this is purely about how I work) they just aren’t “quite” right.

When the iPad mini came out it filled the perfect niche for me between what I “really” wanted in a tablet and what “was” available in a tablet. It’s nearly perfect.

/apple_fanboy = on

So I’ve relegated my full-sized iPad 4 to retirement, shuffled my 27” iMac to storage, and have (what I think) is the perfect work setup for me. After years and years of wanting something like this, I’m thrilled. Laptop and small, highly portable and (most important) light table.

This, however, brings me to my quandary.

I need a new desktop image for my laptop. Actually, I need two.

I’m not the type to settle for the standard monochrome desktop background image. I firmly believe you can tell a lot from a person (about their personality and interests) by their background image. Someone should study this and see if they can match personality types to different genres of images.

I like to change mine out occasionally, but a new computer is the perfect time.

Here’s the kicker. As I said, I need two. One for the laptop and one for the shiny new 27” Thunderbolt Mac display sitting on my desk. The whole process and (somewhat painful one at that) is doubled.

See, I didn’t want to work on that 13” screen ALL day. So I got the big monitor and a 12 South Arc dock for the laptop. Love that dock by the way.

The laptop can have two different backgrounds. One for the laptop by itself and one for when it’s plugged into the monitor. It changes them automatically and everything!

I’ve been in a tropical mood for a while so I’m thinking of switching it up.

Here’s the first one I’m seriously thinking about…for the laptop.


I love the colors (green = happy color) and the water.

For the larger monitor I’m thinking of going more “out there”. Here’s what I’m leaning towards right now…


I love the “feeling” of that image, and if I’m going to be starting at this for hours on end every day I need to really FEEL the image.

This is serious stuff for heavens sake!

I’ve never been one to go for “funny” or silly images. I tend to gravitate more toward deeply environmental images or peaceful and moody.

I wonder what that says about my personally?

Anyway, I’m still looking. So if you have any good sites that offer interesting backgrounds, just let me know.

No erotic images please. While appreciated (and enjoyed), there’s that whole pesky NSFW thing.


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  1. “I wonder what that says about my personally?”

    I assume you meant personality, and it says you’re MOODY. 😉

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