No, no and HELL no!!

I attended a regular meeting yesterday regarding a grant project and we had a guest speaker talk to use about games and simulations.

It was fascinating. Lots of cool examples, and a great discussion.

You see, we are looking at dealing with some very large amounts of community health data in the grant and we are looking into alternative ways to visualize the data.

It was fascinating to listen to this person and let the braincells run amuck with ideas and possibilities.

So, simulations…keep that in mind.

Later in the day, I was reading some of the industry threads I frequent. There was an article on simulations and healthcare.

“Cool”, I thought to myself and wandered to the article.

Great article with lots of cool links. So I was clicking through links to lots of different projects that involve simulations to improve healthcare, or improved healthcare care education. Even some educational games for kids to help make health choices.

“Even cooler”, I thought to myself as these are two specific areas I deal with. And in light of the previous meeting, I was happily reading away.

Then I clicked on one more link.

Wow, talk about a great example of the “one too many” syndrome. I should have just stopped before I started into the “other” category of links.

What should I find…well…just look at the photo below.


/cringe_factor = MASSIVE

Yes, that’s right folks, an interactive simulator for…Prostate exams.


This is real. It’s being marketed to med schools and healthcare organizations.

I’m not sure what is worse, but here are the possibilities.

#1. The fake butt complete with asshole and “textured, fleshy anal region” (these are from the article…NOT my words…you can see it in the photo) “to simulate a realistic exam experience for the learner.”

#2. The fact that this image is showing someone USING this thing. Let me just say again….EWWWW.

#3. The fact that there is a fake prostate inside this thing with sensors to “simulate a variety of prostate conditions”. Yet again…EWWWW!

or…and I think this is the worst

#4. The video image (not static photo) of a guy bending over the table presenting well…his vertical smile to the audience at large.

I’ve talked in the past about technology going “too far”, but folks, there are simply no words to describe how “wrong” this is.

I can’t tell you the mental whiplash I have right now having gone from the meeting early in the day talking about simulations to late in the day finding this and, well, the buzz kill that went with it.

There. Are. No. Words.

Can you imagine the poor programmers that worked on this project?

/set_scene = dinner party

“So what sort of project are you working on now Carl?”

“I’m working on a project to simulate prostate exams complete with video footage, and dynamic prostate gland and a fake ass complete with a ‘textured, fleshy anal region’.”

. . .

Talk about a conversation killer.


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  1. Hilarious. But if you were going to be a proctologist, maybe you would like it. At least you could practice getting over your OMG-that-guy-is-showing-me-his-dirty-ass expression before actually doing an exam! 😉

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