A map of my brain

My brain is a scary place.

I fully recognize that. And you know what, I’m ok with that fact.

In fact it’s pretty cool.

For example. For some reason, my brain retains advertising jingles that I hear in TV. Want to know the jingle for Ball Park Franks from the mid 1980’s? I’m your guy.

It’s a sickness, I know. In college, my freshman year, I took a senior-level course in the History of Journalism. Great class! I loved it.

At one point we were talking about the rise of advertising and the professor started tossing out the first lines of jingles or ad slogans and asked the class to come up with the product.

Let’s just say, I got a LOT of weird looks that day. I think I got them all, even if I didn’t raise my hand for all of them. I wanted to fit in with all the seniors after all.

Movie quotes? Oh hell yes.

I used to watch movies all the time, and yes, they stick with me.

“If you guys know so much about women, what are you doing here at the Gas ’n Sip, all alone on a Friday night?”

“Choice man. Conscious Choice.”

Movie anyone?

So what I’m getting it is this. I ran across a near perfect representation of my brain today. It’s great.


I think this pretty much applies to a lot of guys (maybe women also) but I think it hits me dead one.

Useless Trivia…check.

Comic Books…oh hell yes! Loved them as a kid.

Obscure Science Fiction References…please!!!

Monty Python quotes? Required in my circle of friends. Although how I married a woman who doesn’t “get” Monty Python is beyond me. (Sorry Mrs. Technocrat)

The interesting thing about this diagram is the Social Skills part. For me, that should be “Socialization Interest”.

You see, for me, I have the skills. I can socialize with the best of them. I can be (so I’ve been told) polite, charming, witty, funny, well-mannered and quite the gentleman.

I just don’t like it a lot. You see, I’m fundamentally anti-social at heart.

Not in a Grumpy Old Man sort of way. Just more of a “I’d rather be alone” sort of way.

I like my space and privacy. A lot.

But the key ere, why it’s so applicable to me, is the cartoon theme songs.

Oh My God! They are like little individual people in my head and they pop out at random times.

Sitting in a budget meeting, hey…lets think about the theme song to the Jetsons.

Trying to go to sleep… Johnny Quest.

Talking to my boss…Scooby Doo.

The list goes on and on and on.

See, I great up on Saturday cartoons. It was a central point in my life for years.

Saturday morning was NOT for sleeping in. It was for getting up by 7 or 8 and watching cartoons. Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner show. Scooby Doo (the original ones…NOT with that moron Scrappy). Tom and Jerry. Grape Ape. All the classic.

It was heaven.

And my brain retained all of the theme songs. It’s a curse. If I ever find myself on a game show and am asked to hum the intro to Woody Woodpecker, I’m golden.

Until then, it’s just another region in my brain.

This map is missing only one thing. Where’s the region devoted to power tools. For me, I think it would replace the math region.

Power tools are far more fun than math.


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  1. O. M. G. It IS your brain! So much is explained with just one graphic. 🙂

    -Mrs. ZT

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