Peace and quiet

One of my favorite things in the world is sitting outside at night. But the weather has to be just right.

Not too warm, definitely not too cold. You know…the “Goldilocks” syndrome.

Last night was one of those nights.

It’s been a while here in Wisconsin since we’ve had a night like that. Spring has been extremely tardy in showing up here (not that I’m bitter about it), and until a couple weeks ago, we were hesitant to get the deck furniture out for fear of snow.

But last night was glorious!!

Perfect temperature, just a slight breeze and a bit of a moon.


One of the best things is the sounds of night time.

We live in a nice part of the Madison area and there are lots of green spaces around us. Just to the south is a Nature Preserve and the sounds filter up from that.

Coupled with our large back yard and all the trees and parks close to us; a veritable nocturnal symphony.

So there I sat last night. Happily enjoying the night. Sitting on my deck…the fountain burbling away…frogs and birds signing…pure bliss.

Until the airplane started circling.

You see, we live not too far from a small, local airport. And, unfortunately, right along the approach path.

Normally it’s not too bad. I like planes and their sounds and watching them fly.

But the guy/girl last night was obviously practicing night landings.

Over and over and over.

In a 30 minute period, that same plane must have gone overhead about 5 times. Pretty damn good progress.

But it wrecks havoc on a gorgeous night.

Fortunately, it did only last about 30 minutes, and there was plenty of night leftover.

Once Maverick stopped buzzing the tower, things settled back down nicely.

I even got a couple plants repotted.

So, here’s to many more gorgeous Wisconsin nights.

Everyone needs something that brings them peace and harmony. Something where they can just “be in the moment” and enjoy begin alive.

Nights like this are mine…without the airplane.

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