I was struggling for a blog topic today. It’s been an “interesting” day and the creative juices just weren’t flowing.

Enter Mrs. Technocrat with fodder for a topic today.

Thanks sweetie. I love you. However, I’m not going to allow you to touch another piece of technology.


In fact, I may require you to turn in your laptop.

/explanation_mode = on

I love my wife dearly, but of late, she’s been a bit hard on her techno gadgets.

Let’s start with a few months ago.

Mrs. Technocrat reads…a LOT. So I got her an iPad. Figured it’s better than constantly trying to read books and such on her tiny little iPhone screen. After all, she’s got bad eyes. She had to break down and get glasses a while back. So I was being helpful.

And it worked great. She was actually using it. You see, you have to coax her into trying a new piece of technologic gadgetry. She just don’t jump into things.

So when she announced she liked the iPad and was using it. I was thrilled.

One of the places she was using it was on the treadmill during her workouts.

Perfect! A great use.

That is until she managed to introduce the iPad to the concrete floor of our basement.

Yeah, you know that iPads have glass on the front…right?

That glass makes a really pretty pattern when it shatters.

But I’ll give you this, the freaking iPad still worked. You just didn’t dare try or you’d end up with sliced fingers from the glass shards.

I shook my head (a lot) and jokingly threatened never to allow her hear another device again.

I wasn’t serous.

Until today.

Let’s talk about her iPhone.

Mrs. Technocrat is addicted to her iPhone. I mean seriously. She breaks into cold shivers when she forgets where she left it in the house.

If I need to do updates, I’d better find a time she is either sleeping or in the shower. She’ll panic that I’m taking “too long”.

She keeps chargers strewn around the house, and in her car, and in mine, just in case she needs to charge it.

Battery life, forget it. She drains the sucker at least once a day.

To say she uses it a lot is one of the understatements of the year.

Well, today, she made another introduction…of sorts.

iPhone…meet toilet.


Yup, Mrs. Technocrat dropped her beloved iPhone in the toilet. (it was clean thank you)

And the thing is, she admitted it. Willingly.

She called me, panic evident in her voice, and asked if there was any hope. It was making strange noises.

So off we go to try the “bag of rice” trick and hope for the best.

I hear the Apple Care doesn’t cover water damage. That’s why one of the first things the Geniuses at the Apple Stores do is shine that little flashlight into the base. There’s a moisture indicator in there.

I feel for her. I do.

I left my phone at home by mistake this week. It felt strange all day not to have it with me. It’s sort of like a security blanket.

So I can’t imaging the thought of my phone being ruined.

At this point, I’m starting to fear for the well belong of her MacBook Air.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. But it’s going to be a while before she has a working phone again.

And here I was beating her at Words with Friends.

I think she might have done it on purpose.

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