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Did anyone else catch the “reveal” of the new Xbox platform? The Xbox One?

It was unveiled this week to much fan fair and ballyhooing.

Me = disappointed.

I mean the specs look great, but at the end of the day, the presenters spent way too much time talking about how great it will be for watching TV.

…… huh?

Really, TV? Is that all ya got?

I’ve got about a billion devices that will let me watch TV. Live, streaming, recorded, backwards, forwards, sidwards. You name it. Do I really need another one?


I just want a great devices that plays really kick-ass games. From the looks of if, my Xbox 360 will continue to do just fine in that respect.

They (Microsoft) spent a good amount of time talking about how great the new Modern Warfare and Black Ops games will look. Great. But how about others?

From what I’ve seen (and I fully disclose I’m not terribly up on the game scene) I haven’t seen developers flocking to it. I’m sure they will, in time, but this device was positioned as the second coming. The salvation of the game industry.

Looks to me more like a “meh” console that will run basically the same games with no really cool new features.



Anyone else’s Evernote accounts been acting up lately?

Mine has.

Just little things. Some notes taking forever to sync. Others not synching at all. It’s been strange.

I know there was an update this past week, but it’s normally rock solid and doesn’t belch like this.



To update everyone on Mrs. Technocrats phone….yeah…it’s dead.

Turns out that submersion in the toilet really isn’t good for it, and the “bag of rice” trick didn’t work.

Thank F’ing god for AppleCare+. Yes this is the new and improved AppleCare. The one that allows for two incidents of “accidental” handling. Or as I like to call it, two “OH SHIT” incidents.


So off she went to the Apple Store on Friday and retuned with a shiny new iPhone. She was happy.

Until she figured out there was a reason I keep harping on backups and the need to make a back up of her phone. hehe

Last one was more than a year ago.

So, on THIS one, iCloud backs are now ON.

After restoring about a bazillion apps and stuff, she now has her phone back

OH…did I mention the sparkly blue, sequined case she bought.

/bling = on

Hey, she’s happy. Who am I to judge?


The Oldest Techno-rugrat (age 13) got in trouble a while back and lost ALL electronics for two weeks.


Yeah, this is just about the worst punishment we could have doled out to the kiddo. Let’s just say he earned this one….and then some. Personally I think we were being nice ONLY doing this and not other things as well.

Problem is, electronics are his LIFE.

This is a problem in more than one way. He lives on his laptop and iPad and lives FOR his laptop and iPad.

Yes, maybe there is a problem with a 13yo who has is only laptop, iPad and iPhone. I’m sure there is when you get down to it. But hey, I’m not just a geek in words alone. I LIVE the lifestyle baby!!!!

The long weekend is killing him!!

He has been moping around compiling about how bored he is and hot terrible his life is right no.

Hell, he even offered to “adjust” his punishment to something he knows I hate doing (cleaning the cat boxes) for the next two months!

Kid is desperate.

We didn’t budge.

Apparently we are terrible parents.

/teenage angst = ON

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