Sometimes you find yourself caught up in the day to day comings and goings of life that you actually miss life.

It’s a trend, and I find myself thinking back to Ferris Bueller’s sage words of advice more and more.

“LIfe moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Yup. Very true words.

For example.

I’m turning 42 next week. How in the hell did I get to be 42?

Forty didn’t bother me. Not one bit. Neither did 41. But 42? Maybe.

I mean I realize it’s (at the root) the meaning of life and all, but wow. That’s a lot of years. I suspect 45 is going to totally mess with me.

Another example.

My oldest just finished up 7th grade. He’s an 8th grader now. That’s one year from High School.

Again, I ask. How the hell did that happen?

Along with the general attitude of a 13 year old, he’s in the awkward maturity stage where he’s not quite old enough to really “get” being responsible and such. But he’s not so young that he doesn’t get that he needs to be. It’s a hard age that I remember well.

Doesn’t seem possible that he’s this old.

Another example.

The youngest is moving from grade school to middle school. We had the “parent orientation” meeting at his middle school this past week. You know, that night where all the parents gather in the library like lemmings and listen to the principal and guidance councilors say things like “I really love working at this school”, and “This school is such a nurturing place”. Those things that you wonder if they’d be saying them if it wasn’t the last week of school before they can run like crazed moose AWAY from the school for the summer.

But there we sat, Mrs. Technocrat and I. Obediently listening to the speeches and the video, and the students. We tried to act all serious as several sets of parents were obviously taking it extremely seriously.

How did I get to be the parent of TWO kids in middle school? That’s frequently what was running through my head.

Another example.

The youngest has a girlfriend. Not a “girl” friend mind you, but a “girlfriend”. And it’s not imaginary. Nor is it his “high hopes”. They are a couple. At least as much as two 5th graders can be a couple.

And they have a date coming up!!! A date.

/frightened_parent mode = on

This is all do very different than when I was a kid. Before, if you liked a girl, you had to do recon and try and figure out if she liked you too. It was HELL and crushed more than one stalwart 5th/6th grader’s self esteem.

Today. Heck, the girls are the aggressors and they have things like text messaging and email, and chat. It’s all so much easier, and yet just as complex. I think the technology only makes the initial contacts easier.

So the date. They are meeting up at the pool the monday after school is done. It’s all coordinated and set. Cute, yes. Harmless, yes. Panic inducing for parents, oh HELL yes.

These are the sort of things that force me to stop and take a look around at life. You know, sort of the way a sledge hammer to the forehead can stop a charing bull. Once you pick yourself up, shake off the dizziness, you can appreciate the surroundings.

I’ve been doing a lot of that “dizzy” part of late. I’m looking forward to appreciating the surroundings. When does that start BTW?

I”m trying to do more of it of late. I think I need to.

Final example.

The kid asked me for 20 bucks for his date.


Next thing will be the keys to the car.

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