I keep waiting for the next iPhone announcement from Apple. I’m dying to see what it’s going to look at.

If I’m being honest, I’m a little worried. I scared that it’s going to disappoint the hell out of me.

One of my biggest concerns (no pun intended) is that it’s going to get too big.

The trends these days seems to be larger and larger phones. I mean really! Have you see the new Samsung Galaxy phone? I think they celled it “galaxy” because that’s what you need to be able to store the thing.

The freaking thing is huge!!!

I saw someone on the parking shuttle with one and I though it was a small Android tablet. Then they held it up to their ear and proceeded to have a conversation with someone.

It looked stupid!

So I’m really worried that Apple is going to go the same way.

How big do we need phones to get.

I’ll admit, my iPhone 4s is a bit small. I’d like it a little larger.

The iPhone 5 is just about perfect in my book.

It fits in your hand, you can easily type on it, and, most importantly (for I think a lot of people) it fits in your pocket.

I can’t tell you how convenient it is to just toss my phone in my back pocket and go. Not sure I could do that with anything much larger than the iPhone 5.

Trends come and go and the trend really seems to be seining toward “larger” is better.

Personally, I don’t like it. I think it’s a mistake.

Honestly, I’m not as concerned about the size as I am the features and what is going to happen with the next version of IOS.

Android has had it’s growing pains, Google is getting it’s collective shit together. Fragmentation is being addressed, and the stability of the platform in general is getting a lot better.

Apple has a bit of a road to hoe. And it’s seemingly uphill.

I hope that they keep this in mind.

If I want a larger device….that’s why I have an iPad mini.

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