Night noises

I love night time.

Let me say that again.

I love night time.

There are a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite is the noises.

You see, there are just different noises at night than during the day and they are so much more peaceful and relaxing.

Take tonight for example.

As I write this I’m sitting out on my back deck, relaxing. It’s getting dark and the noises are starting.

Now, I’m not talking about the occasional motorcycle roaring past on a street. Or the random car.

I’m talking about Mother Nature and her nocturnal symphony.

We’ve got a pretty good sized backyard and in the summertime, the trees, bushes and shrubs provide a fantastic amount of privacy. It’s a little oasis.

But it also provides a lot of cover for critters.

The birds are the first things that you notice out here. There are a lot of birds, and they aren’t particularly quiet.

Somewhere there is a Cardinal chirping away as if his life depended on the whole neighborhood hearing him. I suspect he’s just horny and looking for a woman.

There are others. I’m no ornithologist, but I can pick out Robins, Blue Jays and some sort of finch.

Every so often, you hear an owl. I love those.

We live close to a nature preserve and this year there were lots of owls this year. They had babies and you can still hear them occasionally.

Crickets are another prominent noise. Lots of them and they sort of provide the constant soundtrack for the night.

If the birds are the soloists, the crickets are the rhythm section.

The bass comes from the occasional frog that speaks up. Not often, but you know it when he does.

A new noise this year is the fountain we installed on our deck. The sound of running water is really soothing to me, and Mrs. Technocrat. So the kids and I bought her a big fountain for Mothers Day.

That is something akin to the percussion section. Constant, regular and rhythmic.

Nights like this are why I love Wisconsin…in the summer time.

It’s been a long time coming this year. Snow, snow, snow, snow and oh…did I mention more snow delayed spring…a lot. Of late, it’s been rain.

But tonight is gorgeous.

So, I’m going to sit here, listening to the night noises, enjoying the weather and just be.

Here’s to peace and quiet.

We all need some.

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