Will power

I’ve been struggling lately with a variety of questions of will power.

Not necessarily mine, (one or two maybe) but those that other people make.

Will power seems to be one of those eternal and internal struggles that humans deal with. Something we’ve been facing for a long time.

Honestly, I don’t get it. At least not entirely.

I’m not saying I’m perfect…far from it. But the whole question of doing what’s good for us, or what we know is right as compared to what’s “easy” and what “feels good” is something I see a lot of in the world today.

A saw a perfect example this morning.

I was on the shuttle bus coming in to work and we pulled up to a stop light.

In the left-hand turn lane was a very large woman in her car. I noticed something on her face. Tubes running to an oxygen tank in the back seat.

OK…no big deal there. Tons of people today need a little extra O2 for a variety of reasons.

The kicker here was this.

She had the windows rolled up tight….and a cigarette in her mouth.



This is bad on SOOO many levels.

First off…hello…BOOM!!! Explosion risk!


Don’t they teach people that smoking and open flames around 02 tanks are a little on the dangerous side? Then to put all that mix into a vehicle with gasoline in close proximity?

Holy rolling fireworks batman!!

On a more simple level…if you need oxygen so bad that you need to wear it when you are driving…do you REALLY think you should be smoking? At all?

/spock_eyebrow = up

Seriously…if you are in that poor health…shouldn’t you be quitting? I know quitting smoking is hard. I saw my dad try for years when I was young and only a bad case of walking pneumonia actually let him kick the habit.

But this is your HEALTH we are talking about. When you can’t breath and need to wear O2 tubes…put down the cancer sticks.

Or, at least roll down the windows and get some fresh air.

Where I’m going with this is that we, as a society seem to have very little collective will power these days.

And I often wonder if technology isn’t partly to blame.

Need a new book? Forget waiting, buy it on Kindle and have it in 30 seconds?

Doctor tells us something we don’t like…Google it and get 50,000 different opinions in 1 minute and sort through them until we find one we “like”.

I see it in my own family also. One of my kids recently asked if he could buy his own copy of World of Warcraft.

THAT’s a dangerous question.

See, I have a problem with that game. Not an “I don’t like it or think it’s evil” sort of problem.

No, the exact opposite. I LOVE that game. Love it too much. The word addiction comes into play with me and that game. I’d play it constantly if I could.

I gave it up years ago. Haven’t gone near it since, and just the simple act of looking at the website yesterday (to figure out the cost to answer the boy’s questions) tugged at me. Hard!

This is my oldest wanting the game, and he has something of an addictive personality. He can easily find himself sucked into things, especially games and technology and he won’t come up for air.

So his request concerned me a bit.

In the end, Mrs. Technocrat and I said “no” to the game. We don’t feel he’s mature enough to handle the game. And by mature enough we mean he doesn’t have the will power to control his interaction with the game.

The boy is a microcosm for our society today.

No waiting, instant gratification, get it now, if you don’t like it just keep searching and it’s always someone else’s fault.

Maybe technology isn’t the problem. Maybe it just the flashlight that is shining a light on the problem.

Just maybe the words of Pogo (we’ll see who get’s that reference) are apropos here:

“We have met the enemy…and he is us”.

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