Summer storms

I love summer. Always have.

In Wisconsin, after the winters here, Summer is something like mental salvation. At least for me.

This year, summer has been a bit late in coming. Winter seemed to hold on and NEVER let go. Hell, it’s mid June and the temp got down into the high 40’s the other night.


But it seems that the temps are climbing and the days are getting more and more enjoyable.

I love summer. Did I mention that?

But I miss something about them now. The storms.

I grew up in Kansas (I might have mentioned that). The summer storms there are Epic! Wait, let me change that. They are EPIC!

Massive, thunderheads rolling in from the west. Anvil clouds rising 1,000s off feet into the air, boiling cloud banks and wind lines that can literally take your breath away.

Then there is the green sky.

If you’ve never seen it, the sky in Kansas (and other states in Tornado Alley) turn a remarkable shade of green when “really bad shit” is about to happen.

It’s sort of like a bruise. It’s amazing.

The thunder rolls like nature’s drum section and you can stand on your porch and watch the rain/squall line move across the wheat fields.

There’s something majestic about it.

I was in a home improvement store a week or so ago when they had just issued a tornado watch for the area. Everyone was freaking out and the checker that helped me even commented on it. “Looks like we are going to get some bad weather”, she said trying to sound less worried. People were nervous. I’m serous. Over a tornado watch. Not a warning, a watch.

“Nope I said, the sky isn’t right and it wasn’t hot enough today,” I replied lightly.

It’s true. Growing up in Kansas, you, by default, become a bit of a meteorologist. You understand that for the really cool (nasty) storms, you need a hot day. A really hot and humid day. This feeds the storms energy. And energy is the right word on so many levels.

You see, when there’s a bad/big storm coming, there is an energy in the air. It’s sort of like the atmosphere is nervous. You spend enough time around it, you can tell. Sort of like you can tell when your spouse or kids are nervous.

The atmosphere knows something is going to happen. And it’s worried, and people can sense it if they pay attention.

That day in the home improvement store wasn’t right. No energy in the air…and nothing materialized.

In a twisted way, I miss those storms.

The colors, the smells, the physical feelings, the energy in the air. I miss it all.

The storms here in Wisconsin are nice, but they just aren’t the same. They are over too quickly and a little too calm.

Not that I want an F3+ tornado to come tearing through the Isthmus…but a good, long, thunder and lightening storm would be great.

One of those that shakes the filings in your teeth. We had one strike today like that. Just one.

Now, I just need about 39 or so more for a real storm.

Summer just isn’t the same without them.


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  1. Posted by KM on June 21, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    You’re just weird. and I mean that in the best way possible…;-)

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