Random Thoughts

Love the weather lately.

Yeah. Truly. I do.

I love getting rain that you measure in feet instead of inches.

Nothing like storm after storm after storm after storm.

Oh, and then there is the constant water in our basement because the outside it too muddy for our repair people to actually fix the leak.

Yeah. I love it.

If I ever look out my window and see pairs of animals walking down the street, I’m leaving.


I think my wife is about to go through yet another iPhone.

This time it’s not her fault. That I an prove.

She’s been complaining that her phone is getting hot when it charges.

This is how the last one started to “go”.

WTF Apple!?!?!

I mean really?


You used to make products I could and would defend to other people. Now…I’m questing if I want to continue with your phone platform.

Love my Apple computers.

But the phones?

/Spock_eyebrow = up


It’s firefly season again in Wisconsin.

No I don’t mean the sci-fi TV show.

I mean the luminescent little bugs.

Mrs. Technocrat and I have a place we walk in the evening. Its a nature preserve/trail with lots of trees, bushes, vegetation in general and a stream.

This time of year, if you go at the right time at night, it looks like a billion little starts have fallen to earth and are twinkling away.

Pure summer beauty.

It’s strange, but with the lights, the vegetation, the near darkness (for the perfect time) and sound/smell/feeling of the stream and the humidity, it’s like being inside a Disney ride. You know, one of those “water” rides like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Love. It.

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