Random thoughts

Has anyone else noticed that just about NOTHING takes “C” batteries anymore?

I mean really. I found a couple in a drawer today and I couldn’t find/remember a single thing in my house that needs that specific size of battery.

AA, you bet. AAA, no problem…tons of stuff for those. D, up, just look around in the garage.

But C batteries….nope. Nada.


The mosquitos here in WI have been fucking HORRIBLE lately.

I mean I know I’m sweet and probably very tasty, but give me a break already.

I think it’s finally the lack of rain, and heat that’s causing the invasion.

Really, you can’t go outside int he mooring or evening without becoming a snack for a swarm of the little bastards.

My legs look like I have chicken pox or something.


If anyone out there has a cure for teenage melancholy or “boredom”…can you please drop me a line.

The oldest kid is getting on my nerves lately.

I know he’s a teen ager and all, but JFC.

All he does is sit in his room, play on his computer, read and pout.

Meals are inhaled in minutes and he’s back to his room.

God help me when/if the youngest starts this. Not sure I can take the drama of two of them like this at the same time.


Here’s hoping the weather (read: no rain) continues for a while yet.

Really getting tired of the archeological dig in my font yard.

It would be nice to get the work done before we leave on vacation in about a week.

I know the guy needs a long stretch of uninterrupted sun to get the stuff to cure on the side of the foundation…but we’ve had that.

Getting a bit peeved it’s not done.

/crossing_fingers = on
/crossing_toes = on

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