Old school

I do most of my “industry” reading on my iPad.

It’s just easier. Multiple sources of stuff in a single place?

Yes please!

It’s all searchable? You bet!!

But I noticed that there are a couple things that I still read in “print”. That’s a few of my “trade” magazines.

Let’s take CIO magazine for example.

I just had to renew the subscription and when the person asked me print or email, I (out of reflex) replied “Print please.”

I stopped for a second and thought about that. Why?

I think it comes back to habit.

I’ve always read this sort of thing in “print”. All the stuff I’ve read for years. CIO, Healthcare Informatics…etc.

I like them in print. I like holding them in my hands.

I like having them on my desk. Maybe I feel “official” having them there.

But is there really a “need” to have them in print?


So I’m thinking the next one I have to renew, I’m going to transition to format. I just don’t know about getting them in email.

I don’t like that one bit.

Wonder if there is a PDF option.

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