I’m back from vacation and slowly recovering.

Why is it that a “family” vacation always seems to tire you out more than a “business” trip?

/puzzled_face = on

Anyway, I came back just in time to deal with a huge email migration that’s been brewing for months at my work organization.

Basically, the idea was (NOT my idea) to take all the different groups within our large health care organization and merge everyone onto a single email/calendaring platform.

Great idea. Truly. I’m all for it.

Pretty poor planning is the problem.

It’s done now, and I can honestly say it could have gone a LOT worse than it did. However, it could have gone a lot better.

The main problem is that it was rushed. The whole project was rushed for a variety of reasons (a few are legit…most just plain silly). There wasn’t enough time to test things like the deployment package for the clients, or the overall connectivity, much less to really validate the process of moving all the accounts and associated massive quantities of email to the new system. This left out part of the whole process to scramble and try and predict what “might” go wrong.

A mentor of mine in the journalism world once told me, “You plan for the 90% of what can go wrong and roll with the other 10%. Truer words have never been spoken.

So it’s all done and we are on the “end run” of the whole business.

How’d it go?

In the words of a politician….”Mistakes were made”.

However, we survived and things are returning to “normal”.

But what I wanted to mention is that one of the main reasons it went so well…at least for our little part of the organization was the people I work with.

They all did a hell of a job prepping for this mess and then working through it.

As I said, it could have gone a LOT worse.

Thanks to those people, it didn’t.

That’s how things should work in a company. People outlining a project, knowing their roles, and doing the work, and then executing it.

So I’m thankful today for the great people I work with.

People make all the difference.

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