Summer is drawing to a close here in Wisconsin. At least I suspect it is.

August is halfway done, and I walked out of work the other day and there was a hit of that “Fall” feeling/smell in the air.

The students are moving back to UW (sort of like swallows to Capistrano, only in Bucky T-shirts), traffic is getting bad in Madison again and my kids are gearing up for school.

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts today about kids back in Kansas going back to school today, but here we’ve got another two to three weeks of Summer Vacation yet.

The end of Summer means a variety of things to me.

It’s a new fiscal year where I work. New year means time to start getting serious about project planning. The new budget has been approved and I’ve got stuff to buy, computers to replace, projects to start and expectations to meet.

It always kicks off a busy time (the Fall) as lots of the staff here return from vacation and the docs seem to find new ways to make my life interesting. Not always in a bad way.

On a personal level, my kids are heading back to school.

The oldest will be in the 8th grade and the youngest in 6th grade.

The big thing here is that 6th grade is middle school. That’s a change for me.

6th grade was still grade school where I grew up. You were the “bosses” of the school in 6th grade. You had your own wing of the school. Didn’t have to walk in “lines” anymore. Could go to the library on your own. But you still had a classroom and it was still grade school.

For the youngest, he went to Orientation Day today. He found out he’s in the same “block” (they break the students up into groups called blocks for organization and scheduling) with his best friend. He’s excited about that. But he really only knows one or two other people in his block (there are three blocks total) and his girlfriend is in a different one. He’s bummed about that.

Got his locker assignment. Lockers!!??!! His homeroom is right across from it so he’s pumped about that.

But it’s a huge change. Class transitions. Social pressures. Gym class. Etc.

He’s gong to do fine. I have no doubt, but it’s a big change for him.

The oldest, well, 8th grade is a bit of a nonstarter. Kinda boring. It might be different it he went to a traditional school, but he goes to virtual school, so it’s the same old same old for him.

LIttle does he know, he’s got a busy year ahead of him.

He want’s to return to a brick and mortar school next year, so he’s got some progress to make int he areas of organization and time management. I have no doubt he can do it. But again, challenges and changes for him.

Good luck to both of you kiddos. You’ll do great.

On my end, I’ve got some changes to make also. Both personally and professionally. Not all of them are going to be easy. But I’ll be better off for them.

More on those in later posts.

Mrs. Technocrat makes fun of me for getting “reflective” at times during the year. My birthday and New Years are the two big ones.

But the end of summer has always been one of “those” times. I just don’t advertise it as much as the other times. 😉

So here’s to changes.

It’s been a good summer.

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