And the winner is…


If you recall, Mrs. Technocrat and I have had a blog challenge going for a while now. “HAD” being the key word here.

You see…I WON!

Despite Mrs. Technocrat’s boasting, superior blogging experience and general pompous attitude, she slipped up last week and didn’t blog.

CHA-CHING!!! It’s over!

To be fair, she’s had some hellaciously busy weeks.

But that’s all the sympathy I’m going to give her.

/Gloating_mode = ON.

Oh YEAH. The sweet smell of victory.

I saw a quote last week that pretty much sums up my feelings right now.

“Winners never fly higher than when they are bouncing up and down on the corpse of their defeated foes.”

Yup. LOVE that.

So while I get nothing for winning other that bragging rights….brag I shall.

And frequently.

And for the foreseeable future.

So you’ll have to excuse me if this is a short post today.

I need to go get on my IM client and remind Mrs. Technocrat that I won the blog challenge.

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