The powers that be where I work (read the centralized, corporate-type, silly, silly IT folks) decided a while back that it would be a great idea to migrate the entire organization to a single email platform.

On the surface…yeah. Bingo! Points for good thinking.

However, dig a little deeper and well, maybe not so much. Or at least not the way they did it.

Regardless, it’s working now. And fairly well. I can get my email, see my calendar and do all the emailish things I should be able to do.

We’ll overlook the pesky little “password changing” issue for now.  That’s another story.

My issue here is the spam filter.

You see, before said upgrade, the organization had an amazing spam filter.

Let me rephrase that for any of you that don’t get the depth of my opinion on the previous system.


It was like the great wall of spam filters. Nothing got through. What ever little email gnomes were in that system busily batting away all the Nigerian Prince and Viagra emails should have been given a raise (no pun intended). They deserved it.

Plus you could easily go into your quarantine folder and retrieve anything that the afore mentioned gnomes might have swatted incorrectly.


Let’s just say that the current system is a great example of the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

Let me rephrase that for any of you that don’t get the depth of my opinion on the new system.


I mean we are talking Ishtar (obscure 80s movie reference) levels of suckage.

It’s now January 7th and so far, I think I have received more spam this year than I did in the four previous years of working here…combined.

It’s really sad when an organization thinks they can go cheap on something as vital as spam filtering. It’s also amazing how important it has become in the corporate world.

Look, I get that email is a thankless job. God knows I wouldn’t do it and I don’t want to bring it back in house here.

But with all the good solutions (I’ll just pick Barracuda as an example), why would a large (3000+ employees), health-care organization, pick something so pathetic as what we have here?

That’s easy.  It was cheap…it was easy…and they didn’t listen to the people that knew what they were talking about.

Have to go now…I just got an email about a free trip to Africa and all I have to do is call an 800# and give them my social security number to verify that I’m the winner!

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