My own space

You probably don’t know this, but our basement had a wee bit of a flooding issue back in the spring of last year.

The reason (you don’t know about it) is that I’ve slacked on this blog for….well…a while now. But I’m working on that.

The reason for the basement leaking was numerous large holes between the house and foundation where the mortar had fallen apart over the years. We found this out was when we excavated a large portion of our front yard to see what was happening we could see the basement.

From the front yard.

Through the house.

Not through a window.

The gaps in area that connected the house to the fountain were large to say the least. One you could actually fit a golf ball through.

We’d planned on redoing the basement when we moved into the house, but we’d also planning on waiting a bit.

Nothing like a inch of water in your basement to change your plans.

So over the past 8 months I tore the basement down to the concrete walls and redid it.

We installed the last of the floor and trim (I hate trim but that’s another post) and moved in.

I have my space back and I love it.

It’s not much, just a corner of the room, but it’s mine. My desk is back, my stuff is back, my computer is back, my pictures are back.

And I got all my gadgets back. The server I was working on before the flood is back and powered on. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but it’s back.

I’m happy.

It’s amazing how just a small place to call “your’s” can make a difference. I’d love to have my own room, but that’s wishful thinking in a house our size and with two teenage boys, and a wife that lives like the embodiment of an office-product tornado. She spreads papers and stuff like a twister spreads chunks of trailer homes and dead cows.

Now I just have to remember where I stored everything while my corner of the world was in boxes in the garage.

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