Random thoughts

Apparently my desk is either warped or just plan not level.

How do I know this? My keyboard wiggles when I rest my left hand on it.

Not much mind you, but just a little. And plenty enough to be annoying.

It’s not the keyboard. I tried it on other surfaces, and it’s fine. It’s the top of my desk on the “computer” side.

I’ve tried the “tape on the edge” of the keyboard thing. No go.

/annoyed_face = on


Last week I was walking down the hall here at work and a user comes up to me muttering about how there was no one in the Help Desk.

(They’d gone to lunch and were due back any minute)

I asked what was wrong and could I help or get a message to the Help Desk guys.

Here’s the conversation:

Me: “Can I help, or can I get a message to the guys?”

User: “The printer is out of toner and I need to print something now!”

Me: “OK, well, I’ll let them know. Which printer is it?”

User (very frustrated at this point): “The one that’s out of Magenta!”


Me: “Well, that tells me a lot.”

User: /blank stare

Me: /raised_eyebrow = on

User: “Oh…the one in the training room.”

Me: “Thank you. That actually tells me something.”

Really folks? “The one that’s out of magenta?” That’s what you’re gonna tell me.



Some Friday nights, there just isn’t enough time or enough alcohol to drown out the stupid from the following week.


Listening to a 13yo play Minecraft with a bunch of his 13yo friends, via Skype, is sort of like listening to nails on a chalkboard and a recored played backwards…combined.

Annoying…unintelligible…frustrating…scary…and downright frightening.

I don’t recommend it.

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