Anyone else think Google Glass is just plain creepy?

Virgin Atlantic just announced that some flight personnel are going to be equipped with the things to assist at check in.



You mean it was too difficult to take your boarding pass, scan it across the barcode reader, hand it back to you and say thanks?

How does that process need further automation? How is Google Glass going to help?

I’m surprised the TSA would allow them. After all, don’t they frown on recording stuff in an airport?

The whole wearable technology thing is getting far too much attention for me. After all, it’s really nothing “new”. It’s just putting a smartphone/camcorder/gadget onto a pair of eye glasses frames.

Why do you need to WEAR that? You have it in your pocket already? Are you that lazy that you need your device plastered to your face all the time?

Now if it really did something cool, like allow you to see in a different spectrum of light, or even sense biofeedback from people so you could tell if they were lying to you, THEN that would be different.

You know what I’m talking about.



That would be cool!

Instead we have Google Glass. The new tool for perverts, voyeurs and voyeurs wanting to document every possible fucking minute of their lives.

I think we as a race (meaning humans) need to have a serious, “Whoa there nelly” moment and rethink what tech is doing to us.

I read a lot, and consider myself open to a lot of things tech-wise in life. And yes, I know Google Glass is just a “stepping stone” to something different that we don’t know about, or maybe cant’ even envision yet.

I know I rail on this product a lot. But come one folks….how can you NOT find it silly.


Wait, is that a Cylon?

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