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If this is the case, then is the local coffee shop my home?

Or maybe the local Chinese restaurant?


Heck, it might even be my kid’s school.

I think I’m having an identity crisis…




Ran across this today…


My goodness. How times change.

Welcome to Wisconsin…


Not much more to say…

If I didn’t know better

I’d think I was back in Kansas.

With the weather here today, you could easily fool me.

Snow, rain, hail, thunder, lightening, wind, temps in the upper 20s and low 40s.

It’s like Kansas in the sprint time.

Don’t be a Glasshole

Seems Google has heard all the rumblings and concerns (and mocking) about their forthcoming product “Glass”.

You know the wearable device that looks like a pair of eyeglasses, but with a little computer and display integrated into it.

The product is getting ready to launch to the general public in a while, and Google has high hopes for the device. It is, after all, a huge step into the realm of wearable technology.

I’ve gone on record as hating the thing from the start. I would never use one, and I’m not sure how I’d react to actually seeing in the “wild”.

Google now seems to be hearing a lot more people like me express “concerns” about the device and how the wearers/operators/owners will be using the devices and behaiving in public.

So, they have published a “Do’s and Don’ts” file for the new “Explorers” as they call them.

It’s pretty funny.

The best thing is that they call people who are being jerks “Glassholes”.

Love it!

I’ve used the term before for a wide variety of things, but to think that the term Glasshole could become a permanent part of our tech/pop culture is too funny.

The last sentence is really the telling one.

Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.”

In other words, please don’t be a complete asshat (read: Glasshole) with our pet project because we really don’t want organizations to start banning them like firearms or cigarets.

Yeah, that would be horrible for business.

Rnadom thoughts

Why do some people seem to emit some sort of strange EM field when it comes to technology?

Seriously. No matter what you do, these people find ways to have strangest and the most mind-boggling “experiences” with technology that you can imagine.

Tech that works just fine for other people, fails in new and spectacular ways for these people. Take it away from them and it starts working just fine.

/puzzled_stare = on

What gives?

No matter what you do, how many times you look at the device or whatnot, how many times you “fix” it or look at it and find nothing wrong, they will manages to mess it all up.

Personally, I think they are aliens of some sort.

Or maybe robots.



I’m officially sending up an S.O.S.

For me right now, that stands for “Sick Of Snow”.

I’m done. Stick a fork in me. Finished.

Winter can leave any time.

As Gollum said, “Go now and never come back!”

The snow keeps piling up. I don’t even want to know what our annual total is at this point. It would depress me.

And what do we have today? Another winter storm bringing 6-8 inches of MORE snow.

Did I mention I’m done?

I think the snow is making everyone a little nuts.

Between the insanely cold temps and the massive quantity of snow, it’s been a nasty winter.

Did mention I’m ready for spring?



Note to self.

Be sure you pay attention to the type of oranges you buy at the store.

The ones with seeds in them SUCK!



Mrs. Technocrat and I are going to plant a garden this year.

But trying to plan out where to put the raised beds, how bid to make them and such it a little difficult when you can’t even SEE your freaking backyard because there is nothing but SNOW out there!

Did I mention I’m sick of snow?