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Shrinkage. No, not that kind…

Anytime one of my staff walks into my office and says the words, “Take a look at this”, or “You’ve got to see this”, I tend to get a little stab of excitement.

I like gadgets. I like new techno “stuff”. My staff know this. Situations like this tend to either be a harbinger of something really cool, or something that’s worth of a major facepalm.

Either way, it tends to be fun.

Today it fell into the “cool” category.

A new USB drive with a 4Gb capacity and full encryption (we need that to store sensitive medical data AND avoid a HIPAA breach, thus keeping us out of the newspapers).

Now I know USB drives are getting smaller and smaller and capacities are going up and up, but just take a look at the photo below.


Thats a pencil on my desk, a fish oil pill (I take ’em daily) and a standard paper clip. ¬†All for scale.

In the middle is the USB drive.


Holy James Bond Batman!!!

It’s tiny!!

Said staff member showed me this and I thought it was, hell, I don’t know what I thought it was but I wouldn’t have guessed a USB drive.

It’s smaller than a pill I take!!! ¬†Heck, I could swallow that thing with no problems.

And the price?? A whopping $6.75 each.

I don’t like to site around and play the “I remember when” game, but for a moment, I’m going to do just that.

I can remember in the early 1980s my father’s company (a software company) purchased a CompuServe computer that came with a MASSIVE 40Mb hard drive. Yup 40 megabytes. The thing was so large, you could put it on my desk today and there wouldn’t be room for the paperclip in the above photo. The drive platters were larger than LP records (anyone remember those?), and there were four of them. ¬†I don’t even remember what the thing cost. ¬†But even in 1980 dollars, it was expensive.


This little thing that is about the size of a quarter now holds 100 times the data of those platters, and I could stash a couple dozen of them in my coat pocket.

Yeah, this made me feel old.


Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earths Geography


A solution we can all get behind. Click the link to watch the video.

Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earth’s Geography


This is just plain strange!

I mean who would actually wear and USE this?

I can’t imagine that it’s comfortable or, much less, practical.

But hey. ¬†I’m a guy. ¬†What the hell do I know.

/perplexed_face = on

iPhone-carrying bra is no bust | Crave – CNET.


Splashtop puts Windows 8 on your iPad in the ultimate show of sacrilege | iMore.

I don’t get this.

If you want the Win8 UI so badly, just go buy a Win8-enabled tablet when one hits the market.

Putting this on an iPad is sort of missing the point of BOTH platforms.

/confused_look = on


Cool but…what do I get out of my investment?

This guy wants to recreate the entire first level of Super Mario in a 1-brick to 1-pixel ratio.  Cool!

But he’s gone to Kickstarter to fund it.


Points for creativity, but no thanks. This isn’t charity.

If I’m gonna throw my money at something, I want a return on the investment. I want a gadget I can play with and then discard in a month. ¬†I want some totally unnecessary item that makes no¬†difference¬†in my life what so ever.

Or I want to cure cancer.

Either one…I’m open.

Here’s the link. ¬†Video at the bottom.

Insert Coin: Epic Mario aims to build entire Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 with Legos video — Engadget.

Not such a smart move

Adobe to charge Flash coders to use premium features | Deep Tech – CNET News.

Yup…you are reading the headline correctly.

Go check out the article.

I’m amazed that this is how Adobe has decided to keep Flash¬†relevant.

It’s already dead on IOS devices. ¬†We won’t go into that whole “market share” argument.

However, in the rest of the world, it’s being supplanted (and rightfully so) by HTML5.

So they decide to charge developers for a once-free product.


Makes sense.


Good writing and good ideas are never pointless

There is so much unfiltered crap out on the Internet today, that it is a real pleasure to find a well-written article that demonstrates a solid thought process, some actual information and real insight to back it up.

The following is one of those. I highly suggest you read it.

How to avoid sounding dumb when you write about Apple | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

If you look beyond the idea of “writing about Apple”, there is actually a lot of Zen wisdom in this article. Ideas like, think before you speak, patience, ¬†non attachment and¬†mindfulness¬†abound in little zen-like nuggets.

But most important is the idea that when you write something, if you want people to take you seriously, then you need to take your emotions and fan-like attitudes out of the equation. (Crap I guess I’m screwed on that point!!)

Too many people in the tech industry are far to quick to judge.  They predict the next trend without really looking at the past.  They postulate the next products from Company X without really understanding the company. They rush to be convinced that Company Y is really evil without realizing that people are human and make dumb mistakes (that can and normally are quickly fixed).  And they put their own, small-world views out in front of a world that operated on a global scale.

So, for me, I’m going to bookmark this article and reread it on¬†a regular basis. ¬†Not just for my writings about Apple, but to try and be a bit more Zen in what I do in general.

Can’t hurt.


Sony Music Raised Prices On Whitney Houstons Music… Less Than 30 Minutes After She Died | Techdirt.

Read the article.


Just. Plain. Sad.

But remember, “It’s all about supporring the artis and their creative property; NOT just about making money!” says the RIAA.


Another one?!?

Seems there is yet another potential Malware attack out there targeting Android users?

Millions Of Android Users Potentially Hit By New Malware Attack | Redmond Pie.

Really? Are we surprised?

/sarcastic_shocked_expression = on

Now, I freely admit I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboy. If you know me, that’s no surprise. ¬†But I do like the Android platform as well. ¬†There are a lot of things it does far better than iOS. I think Android is trying to address quite a few very real UI issues where iOS seems to be lacking.

Really! ¬†It’s true.

But one thing it absolutely, positively doesn’t do better, is protect its users AND itself from Malware.

Really! It’s true.

By its very nature, the “open” model of Android and the Android Marketplace are an open door to this sort of nastiness. ¬†Wide. Open.

Yes, Apple is somewhat draconian in its policies for submitting to the App Store.

Yes, Apple controls the iOS platform like an over-protective parent.

Yes, Apple comes across as arrogant.

But…you know what? ¬†If you follow the rules and don’t jailbreak your device, they don’t have this sort of crap floating around.

However, all this doesn’t really bother me. It is what it is.

What does bother me is that I continue to go into meetings where the Android users are constantly bashing iOS as being “unsecure”, “weak”, “not enterprise ready” and a “security risk for enterprise data”.

Oh really?

Physician, heal thyself!

Honestly, I don’t want to hear it anymore.