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Smithsonian celebrates Art of Video Games

Very, very cool.  Check out the link below for images and a link to the exhibition page at the Smithsonian!

I love art and always have.  Video games today are some of the most amazingly artistic products being produced.

Just goes to show that art is always in the eye of the beholder.


Smithsonian celebrates Art of Video Games –

Not to be paranoid…but…

Read the linked article.

E-voting system awards election to wrong candidates in Florida village – Computerworld.

Now.  Tell me how long it will be before this happens on a national level?

How long before someone somewhere decides they can play the system to their own end?

How long before some foreign organization decides to screw with elections?

How would we even know about it?

And if we did, what could the general public do about it?

Ok…yeah.  You can call me paranoid now.


Anxiety fodder

If you sleep just a little too well at night…take a few minutes and watch this Ted Talk.

#1 – It’s worth the time.

#2 – It will scare the hell out of you.

#3 – It should!

Avi Rubin: All your devices can be hacked | Video on

The “next” web

The idea of “what’s next?” is one that permeates the technology industry.

We (those of us in the trenches) tend to be obsess with the next gadget. The next application. The next platform.

We watch. We obsess over rumors. We postulate, we tweet, and we blog about it.

But what’s next for the most fundamental piece of technology to our industry?

“Wait!!”, you say. What are you talking about? What piece of technology are you so vaguely referring to?

It’s not the iPad. It’s not Window 8. It’s nothing so specific.

It’s the Internet itself.

We’ve moved past Web 2.0 and any tech guru worth his/her salt is already looking to Web 3.0.

It’s going to be huge paradigm shift and we all know it. We see glimpses of it but getting our heads around the whole picture is tough.

I’ve found a great blog that does just that. It’s attempting to tackle the “What’s next” question for the Web.

The two guys writing it have a great take on things. While I don’t agree with everything they say, I find the ideas and theories really interesting and insightful.

So check out Roger and Mike’s Hypernet Blog.

It’s worth a read and the article on the HyperWeb is right at the top.

I’ll be bookmarking this blog and looking forward to part 2.


Saudi Arabia blocks Amnesty International Web site – Computerworld.

Our “partners in peace” in action.


What’s in a name?

Viberect offers vibrating alternative to Viagra | Crave – CNET.


Based on the picture on the linked article, I don’t EVEN want to know how you use this thing.

Really.  They seriously need some marketing help for the name.

And it even pops balloons…

And it even pops balloons…

Replica Dead Space plasma cutter filled with deadly lasers 

Pretty darn cool.  Could be fun to have in meetings for that person that drones on and on.

Yes please.

Yes please.

Apple in discussions with Nuance over voice recognition for iOS 5? | TiPb

Speaking from someone in the Health Technology sector, this would be fantastic. More and more docs are buying IOS devices and Dragon Medical is already widely used in our organization.

I can only see this as a plus.

Do you judge an app by its icon?

Do you judge an app by its icon?

A really good question. I’ll have to check myself the next time I’m browsing the app store.

The Commodore 64, that ’80s computer icon, lives again –

The Commodore 64, that ’80s computer icon, lives again –

Break out the Duran Duran tapes and the parachute pants.

I had one of these and spend HOURS messing around with it.


Ah Memories.